The Next Cold War Has Begun

March 2022 For anyone who thinks that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine represents an isolated incident -- simply a despot extending his buffer zone – rather than a global threat, think again.  The next Cold War has begun. A word of caution: the following is a summary from one of Arthur Bavelas’ Family Office Insights webinars More >

The Next Cold War Has Begun2022-06-14T08:46:46-04:00

Danger, Will Robinson

For those of us who remember “Lost in Space” (the 1965 TV series), these words are part of our lexicon.  In the show, a robot would warn a young man living in space of impending danger. Well, some potential investors react the same way when a company pledges its assets as collateral.  If the company More >

Danger, Will Robinson2022-06-14T08:47:50-04:00

Equity Investment Basics

The information below provides a brief overview of Equity Securities. Companies raise capital in the form of either equity or debt. Equity represents an ownership interest in a for-profit company where the Net Equity Value of the company (i.e., total assets less indebtedness) and any ongoing profits are owned proportionately by the holders of the More >

Equity Investment Basics2022-06-14T08:42:20-04:00
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