Direct Private Investments: Why Invest in Them?

Investing directly in private companies can give you more control over your investments, help small businesses across the nation, and add balance to your traditional investment-heavy portfolio. And it might also provide tax benefits. Here are two things I hope you take away from this article: Develop a basic understanding for Direct Private Investments More >

Direct Private Investments: Why Invest in Them?2023-01-11T10:17:14-05:00

What do you mean by “Private Equity?”

Investors are increasingly drawn to alternative investments[i] to make them less vulnerable to market volatility and to achieve “absolute returns” (investment returns more directly tied to the underlying company’s financial performance). Within alternative investments, “Private Equity” investment opportunities abound, but what this really means can be confusing.  In this piece, we’ll try to demystify More >

What do you mean by “Private Equity?”2023-01-25T16:42:42-05:00

Thank God I chose the right one!

by Bruce Smith When I first began thinking about investing, it was easy to get excited about start-ups (not that it isn’t any longer, but I’ve had my share of broken bones along the way). The chance to get in on a Google, an Apple or an Amazon stock while in its infancy is More >

Thank God I chose the right one!2022-12-07T10:34:41-05:00
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