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Individual Investors

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Individually structured opportunities supported for the life of each investment. Carefully evaluated and closely monitored.

Individually structured opportunities supported for the life of each investment. Carefully evaluated and closely monitored.

What draws investors to Carofin? Most are enticed by the potential for higher returns, diversification benefits, and access to exclusive investment opportunities not typically found in public markets.

Offering 15+ investment opportunities each year in operating companies, we enable you to build a debt and equity portfolio across diverse industries such as medical technology, defense, consumer goods, agriculture, aviation, and real estate development to name a few, offering a selection rarely available elsewhere.

We cater to your investment preferences, providing the flexibility for you to invest according to your specific objectives. Whether you’re seeking short-term, senior secured notes with monthly income or prefer higher-yield, higher-risk preferred equity and convertible securities, you can meet your objectives.

Featuring flexible minimum investment sizes often starting at around $5,000, you can take control of your capital allocation according to your comfort level.

Why Carofin?

One Location for Your Deeper Analysis

Our banking team performs extensive due diligence and makes this information readily accessible.

Sifting Through the Noise For You

Only opportunities with the right management, the right security, and the highest potential for returns relative to the risks make the cut.

Ongoing Support for Your Investment

We monitor, manage, and communicate the ongoing progress of each offering from start to finish.

How We Work

Our seasoned investment bankers meticulously evaluate hundreds of private companies seeking capital along with participants in the commercial real estate space, leveraging decades of experience to pinpoint those with the potential for above-market returns relative to the associated risks.

We customize each security to align with the underlying company’s financial capabilities, presenting the information in a user-friendly format through our portal. Should you require deeper analysis, our team offers comprehensive support and access to our extensive due diligence materials.

Post investment, we handle the intricacies, managing redemptions, dividends, and covenant compliance, while keeping you informed through issuer communications, management calls, quarterly statements, and performance records.

Most importantly, we actively monitor, manage, and support each investment until its completion, ensuring your portfolio remains in capable hands.

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