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What to do after you loan money to a private business

We financed a scrap metal dealer once, that needed additional working capital to purchase and process scrap because it had high cost overruns in building its large-scale shredding operation.  Let’s just say, experience is everything, and you can learn from ours.   Numerous lenders already were providing equipment financing with broad claims on the company’s asset – so we couldn’t use that collateral to support our More >

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Red Flags in Due Diligence

We were approached by a small company in the consumer goods business looking to raise capital to build inventory.  It’s true, experience is everything, and we’re game to share.  In our normal course of conducting due diligence, we discovered that the owner of the company previously had exited and sold another business and, rather than pay federal taxes, he had More >

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What would you do for 20% more?

By Henry Yoshida | CEO of Rocket Dollar The Power Of Tax Deferral In A Self-Directed Account When we’re talking about your tip on a lunch out, 20% hardly seems worth discussing (especially if the service is good). When we’re talking about your retirement accounts, 20% could mean hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars More >

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Taking your retirement by the reins: What is a Self-Directed IRA?

By James Jones | CEO of  I’ve spent a lot of time in and around IRAs and Self-Directed IRA or “SDIRA,” writing books, speeches, and, generally, educating folks on the topic.   Inevitably, when people get a chance to engage with me after a panel discussion or other presentation, they ask questions.  Shockingly, they are often CEOs, Fund Managers, and other financial professionals asking questions about a tax-deferred vehicle that, recently, is growing in popularity by leaps More >

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Wealthy in the Hamptons Set Their Sights on Private Investments

In a recent article in Bloomberg, Simone Foxman discusses the rising trend among the centimillionaires investing directly in private enterprises and away from managed products.  While I agree with the author, let me expand on a few points.  You Don’t Have to be a Centimillionaire to Play in This Market First of all, it’s not just the centimillionaires who More >

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So, I’m Eligible. What Should I Know Before Investing in Private Market Investments?

Your brother-in-law tells you this Company is going to revolutionize the (…pick an industry). And these people are incredibly experienced in this field.  “Let’s invest together,” he tells you. Well … let’s take a deep breath and think about private investing and what it might mean for you. More >

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What are “Alternative Investments?”

Everybody’s talking about alternative investments, but there seems to be a lot of confusion about what they are. Well, here’s our stab at defining alternative investments — what they are and what they’re not. If you’re interested in learning about the alternative investments, this is a good place to start. More >

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Are Alternative Investments Right for You? Answer These Four Questions First.

We’ve made the point more than once in these articles: investing in an alternative investment, and particularly in a private Company, is a high-risk gambit.    Where there may be rewards, there are most certainly risks.  So, do your homework and think about the following four questions carefully.  It’s crucial that Investors in alternative investments carefully evaluate whether the opportunity is SUITABLE. More >

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Crowdfunding Overview

Recognizing that access to capital is critical to the health of smaller companies which generate about 50% of U.S. job growth, the Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in 2012, which set the stage for the development of equity Crowdfunding in the U.S. The JOBS Act The JOBS Act includes several provisions More >

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Perspectives on Private Investments & Crowdfunding

The following briefly reviews the history of securities exchanges, the establishment of the first U.S. federal securities law, touches on the regulatory burden that is currently imposed on Broker-Dealers, and references the exciting outgrowth of recent legislation authorizing Crowdfunding. While privately placed Securities represent, arguably, the oldest and least efficient form of investment banking, this More >

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Private Placement Investment Considerations

The following provides general background on, and underscores certain risks to Investors associated with, Private Placements. Private Offerings can be purchased directly from the Issuer of the Security during the Offering period or through an agented, “best efforts” process managed by a FINRA-registered Broker-Dealer acting as a Placement Agent.  Under U.S. law, other than the More >

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Why Invest in Alternative Investments?

The following offers an explanation behind increasing investor allocations into Alternative Investments. The investment returns of many Alternative Investments result from the fundamental performance of the underlying business or project versus the more general swings of the equity and bond (Fixed Income) markets.  Alternative Investments tend to offer Total Returns as well as Non-Correlated Returns based More >

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Risk vs. Return Considerations for Alternative Investments

This information summarizes important risk-related considerations for Investors making Alternative Investments. Evaluating a potential investment is, arguably, the most important aspect of any investing activity, whether as part of a private Securities Offering or for a publicly registered investment. No investment is riskless, and losses will inevitably happen within a portfolio. Limiting losses and achieving More >

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What is a Private Placement?

The following reviews the principal regulations which governs Private Placement offerings of securities and describes allowable investor participants. Private Placements are Offerings of Securities wherein the transaction and the related securities do not follow the public registration requirements of the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  They are traditionally offered in a non-public manner (i.e., without public More >

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Alternative Investment Categories

Below is a listing of the various categories of private Alternative Investments which comprise Carofin Offerings: For more detail regarding either debt or equity Offerings, please read “Private Placements: Debt Investment Overview,” or “Equity Investment Basics.”  

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