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I’m pleased to see Carofin taking action needed to encourage the company to perform, just having a nice idea isn’t enough. I’m glad to have you guys watching out!

Bill Humphrey

Co-Founder & CEO, New Direction Trust Company

I think I’m deep enough in the weeds of data now – and using the Carofin Portal really helps me a lot in providing me updates on an ongoing basis…

Don Klabunde

Accredited Investor

“Carofin took the time to understand my business and company in depth, which allowed them to tailor securities that perfectly fit our needs.”

Chris Kolodziejski

CEO, Mosaic Distributors

How We Work

  • We enhance your control, help reduce portfolio volatility, broaden industry exposure, and potentially increase returns through diverse private investments.
  • By introducing your company to communities of targeted investors, we help your company grow, navigate financial challenges, or even acquire businesses.
  • For institutional owners in particular, we can help fill out a financing round with access to our select investors, deep experience on both sides of the balance sheet, and institutional-quality resources and capabilities.
  • Notably, we’ve developed proprietary infrastructure to track financing progress, ensure compliance, and support administrative requirements to achieve our clients’ funding and investment objectives.

Accredited Investors Looking to Diversify

If you’re seeking exclusive investment opportunities or looking to enhance your portfolio, we’d like to talk, whether you’re looking for private debt or equity transactions.

Businesses Raising Operating Capital

Have you been pass over by larger institutions in your pursuit of financing? If you’re in the market for a tailored financing solution, we’d like to see if we can be of help.

Commercial Real Estate Participants Seeking Capital

Capitalizing an acquisition, development, or a new fund? Monetizing your portfolio? If you are looking for customized solutions to accomplish your goals, we’d like to speak with you.

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Airbus A330 Aircraft for Teardown and Parts Resale

Airbus A330 Aircraft for Teardown and Parts Resale

Carofin and Blu Miles announce a new aviation investment vehicle to finance the acquisition of an Airbus A330 aircraft for teardown and parts resale. BREVARD, N.C. and BOYTON BEACH, Fla., Aug. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Carofin, a Carolina Financial Group company,...

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