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What Carofin Provides Investors

Broad Selection of direct investments
Debt and Equity / Across stages and industries
Extensive Investment Analysis by corporate finance professionals
Due diligence online / Access to company management and our bankers
Ongoing Investor Support throughout the life of each investment
Investor Reporting / Active investor representation as necessary

Why Invest Through Carofin

  • Over $1 billion of debt and equity investment raised to finance 100+ private companies since 1995
  • Over 10,000 new jobs created
  • 100's of entrepreneurs' dreams supported
  • Growing community of like-minded investors

Select from a wide variety of alternative investments

Private Lending

Loans to private companies

Provides investors with fixed maturities

More conservative end of this high risk spectrum

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Equity stakes in pre-revenue (early stage) companies

Equity investments in more mature companies

Higher projected returns but with higher risk

Real Estate Investments

Loans or equity stakes

Provides investors with current income and/or capital gains

Risk ranges widely, depending on the project

How it works

1. A Call to Analyze Goals

A brief call to explain what you want to achieve and how we can be a resource while you navigate and explore the alternative investment landscape.

2. Build a Portfolio

Add periodically to your alternative investment portfolio to create a diverse variety of styles, industries, risk levels, and tenors.

3. Make a Difference

Grow your portfolio in ways which support exciting companies, create good jobs, and promote free enterprise.

Begin making a difference today.

Real private investments that matter - at the intersection of impact and growth.