Considerations for Family Offices in Direct Private Investing

Why Direct Private Investing (DPI)? More and more family offices are including Direct Private Investing in their overall investment portfolio. DPI means investing directly in the equity or debt of a private company (the “issuer”).  Thus, the investors have complete control over what issuers they support, and the returns from the investment are specifically tied More >

Considerations for Family Offices in Direct Private Investing2022-01-12T13:01:22-05:00

Announcing Major Enhancements for Carofin Investors! 

Carofin is pleased to announce that you now have a complete view of your Carofin investments. Thanks to significant platform enhancements, you have secure access to comprehensive records across your portfolio of private Carofin investments. The Investor Dashboard presents your investment history (including cash flows) as well as issuer updates.     You can access the exclusive, password-protected Dashboard to dive More >

Announcing Major Enhancements for Carofin Investors! 2022-01-19T09:51:13-05:00

Reducing Expenses and Minimizing Taxes

Last week, my daughter asked for advice (obviously, she’s no longer a teenager): how can I balance my budget? I told her, among other tips, to control two things – reduce your expenses and minimize your taxes. What works for my family works for others.  That’s why Carofin encourages setting up a Self-Directed IRA custodian More >

Reducing Expenses and Minimizing Taxes2021-03-23T08:43:30-04:00

Are You About to Become “Accredited?”

On August 26, 2020, the SEC adopted amendment to the “Accredited Investor” definition, which determines who can participate in most offerings in the private capital markets. While the definition historically limited access to individual investors who met a specific income or net worth test, the amended definition now allows investors with sufficient knowledge and expertise More >

Are You About to Become “Accredited?”2022-07-01T11:16:54-04:00

A Time for “Meaningful Investments”

The COVID years are proving to be a time for reflection – a relatively chaotic period that’s forcing us, both personally and professionally, to reconsider how and why we conduct our lives the way we do. Your investments are, obviously, an important reflection of your values and priorities. What Carofin offers, and why we hope More >

A Time for “Meaningful Investments”2022-03-25T15:43:54-04:00

Taking your retirement by the reins: What is a Self-Directed IRA?

By James Jones | CEO of  I’ve spent a lot of time in and around IRAs and Self-Directed IRA or “SDIRA,” writing books, speeches, and, generally, educating folks on the topic.   Inevitably, when people get a chance to engage with me after a panel discussions or other presentation, they ask questions.  Shockingly, they are often CEOs, Fund Managers, and other financial professionals asking questions about a tax-deferred vehicle that, recently, is growing in More >

Taking your retirement by the reins: What is a Self-Directed IRA?2022-07-01T12:03:47-04:00

So, I’m Eligible. What Should I Know Before Investing in Private Market Investments?

Your brother-in-law tells you this Company is going to revolutionize the (…pick an industry). And these people are incredibly experienced in this field.  “Let’s invest together,” he tells you. Well … let’s take a deep breath and think about private investing and what it might mean for you. More >

So, I’m Eligible. What Should I Know Before Investing in Private Market Investments?2020-12-18T14:20:04-05:00

Are Alternative Investments Right for You? Answer These Four Questions First.

We’ve made the point more than once in these articles: investing in an alternative investment, and particularly in a private Company, is a high-risk gambit.    Where there may be rewards, there are most certainly risks.  So, do your homework and think about the following four questions carefully.  It’s crucial that Investors in alternative investments carefully evaluate whether the opportunity is suitable. More >

Are Alternative Investments Right for You? Answer These Four Questions First.2021-02-03T17:30:22-05:00

Accredited Investor Questionnaire

The following form is one of the Private Placement Closing Documents to be executed by an Investor.  It certifies that the Investor is Accredited. With a Regulation D "Accredited Investor Investor Questionnaire," an investor represents to an issuer of securities that the undersigned qualifies as an “accredited investor” pursuant to Regulation D under More >

Accredited Investor Questionnaire2022-07-01T09:39:20-04:00
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