A Growing Theme for Family Offices: Direct Private Investments

Family Offices

60% Believe Private Markets Have the Best Opportunities

Access a flow of geographic and sector-diverse investments, supported for the life of the transaction.

Access a flow of geographic and sector-diverse investments, supported for the life of the transaction.

A family’s legacy is often built upon the entrepreneurial spirit of previous generations. Family offices can be strategic investors, understanding the opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs face as well as the patience required in a competitive marketplace. Owners and managers of our small-to-medium-sized business issuers welcome family office participation with their domain expertise and long-term investment horizons.

Carofin brings a unique perspective to the private investment markets. We offer a spectrum of direct investments, avenues for raising capital when you have reached your investment limit, along with options for those looking to exit a position.

Whatever the pitch, we’re happy to step up to the plate.

So, what can we do for you? Our skilled banking team structures our offerings to match each business’s cash flows and liquidity needs. Spanning multiple sectors, these can include aviation, information technology, consumer discretionary, defense, agriculture, energy services, and real estate to name just a few. We raise capital for Main Street businesses across the country, from a blueberry grower in North Carolina to a parachute manufacturer in Florida and a hearing aid innovator based in California. Our commercial real estate (CRE) offerings cover the gamut, from CRE operating companies, property acquisitions and development initiatives, and CRE portfolios and investment funds.

We can also serve as an alternative avenue for sourcing capital, should you have the need to utilize this capability. Whether in the form of debt or equity, we selectively draw on our extensive network of institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and other family offices to raise the capital for a quick exit or, alternatively, to reduce exposure in a sector or an individual portfolio company.

Here at Carofin, we recognize that our most important assets are the relationships we’ve built over the years. We distinguish ourselves from most other investment banks with ongoing support post-closing. We also work actively with our issuing businesses long after the checks clear to foster regular reporting and address early warning signs in challenged deals.


Why Carofin?

A Spectrum of Direct Investments Across Sectors

We offer a range of exclusive investment opportunities with varied structures and return profiles.

A Source for Family Office Co-Investment

We place capital that you may require to reduce your exposure and increase your liquidity.

A Long-Term Outlook on Investor Support

We actively monitor, manage, and support each investment through the life cycle of the transaction.

How We Work

We start from the premise that no two family offices are alike. We take the time to thoroughly understand the characteristics and distinct needs of the family, not only for the current generation, but also for future ones.

With what we’ve learned about you, we go to work to identify a transaction that fits your profile. Prior to introducing an opportunity, our bankers conduct meticulous due diligence that we compile for easy analysis. Our process is selective, with only a small number of offerings progressing beyond this stage.

Guided by your criteria, we intentionally match you with compatible issuers. We ensure that opportunities align with market demand from prospective investors. Carofin considers factors like the business’s sales pipeline, competitive position, and intellectual property.

We handle the transaction from beginning to end. This includes soliciting letters of intent, negotiating and finalizing the transaction, and managing regulatory considerations. Carofin distinguishes itself by employing a proprietary platform designed specifically to meet the requirements of every engagement.

Our participation endures beyond securing the necessary funds. We manage activities from investor calls to distributions to reporting requirements. Notably, we oversee such tasks as redemptions, dividend disbursements, and covenant adherence. Our firm remains committed to transparently providing easy access to ongoing issuer communications, quarterly statements, and comprehensive performance records, ensuring stakeholders have convenient access to the most up-to-date information.

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