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Are Your Efforts Affected by Low Closure Rates?

Lower middle market closure rates can be under 25%, even after a transaction goes under LOI. Our curated deal flow can help to improve the likelihood of success.

Lower middle market closure rates can be under 25%, even after a transaction goes under LOI. Our curated deal flow can help to improve the likelihood of success.

At Carofin, we aim to help business development teams address that sobering statistic. By leveraging our expertise in investment banking, we assist motivated issuers seeking financing for their businesses.

Since the founding of Carolina Financial Securities nearly three decades ago, we have become a trusted investment bank. We specialize in private company finance and serve as a premier placement agent for issuers in need of capital, including commercial real estate participants. Our approach revolves around understanding the unique investment preferences of institutional investors and lenders. Next, we narrow the field to the most appropriate capital providers, solicit expressions of interest, and then seek to expedite deal closures.

Many of our private company issuer clients operate in niche industries underserved by traditional private capital markets. These often generate revenues under $50M, are frequently located in rural areas of America, and require specialized expertise in industries which are generally overlooked by mainstream capital flows. Our extensive experience spans many sectors, from agriculture to technology, commercial real estate to aviation, and beyond. Over the years, we’ve successfully closed deals in cosmetics, aircraft teardowns, skilled nursing, and blueberry farms to name a few.

Why Carofin?

Targeted deal flow to meet the your firm’s investment qualifications.

Exclusive opportunities sourced from long-established relationships.

Robust Due Diligence Supports Your Firm’s Evaluation of Each Issuer.

Strict banking criteria, comprehensive compliance procedures, and a thorough review process.

Experienced Banking Professionals Focused on Efficient Closure.

Determination and focus coupled with a time-tested, institutional quality approach.

How We Work

Carofin works with a range of industries. We connect operating businesses and real estate participants with financing sources that match specific deal criteria, including business or transaction type, customer profile, and the nature of the offering. We prioritize bringing together institutions with issuers where their interests are aligned, only proceeding with deals after thorough preparation and due diligence.

Our deal process is straightforward and predictable. In addition to coordinating management interactions, we cover initial interest, letters of intent, negotiations, and documentation, aiming for clear and fair business agreements between issuers and capital providers rather than seeking competitive advantages.

After a deal closes, we remain actively involved through the life of your investment, keeping documents, compliance, and performance metrics up to date through our proprietary platform.

Also, Carofin can act as the broker-dealer to finance your portfolio companies, or we can work with you to reduce industry exposure as well as otherwise provide liquidity or facilitate an exit. Think of us whenever your situation signals the need for our expertise.


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