Understanding Securities Structures in Direct Private Investments

Introduction Two fruits. Both are round, but each delivers an entirely different taste sensation and benefits to your palate. In a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show, proudly presented to you by Carofin, Matt Brown interviews Bruce Roberts and Garrick Ruiz about the two primary categories of private investments, debt and equity. This article More >

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Evaluating Venture-Stage Deals

Introduction   Deciding whether to invest in a new venture is often challenging due to the many unknowns.  In the following article, our CEO, Bruce Roberts, expands on the subject, drawing upon his decades of experience working with early stage enterprises. Defining Venture Stage Deals Venture-stage enterprises, according to Roberts, refer to operating businesses More >

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Demystifying Private Securities: Debt vs. Equity

In a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show presented by Carofin, Matt Brown and Bruce Roberts, a seasoned investor in both private equity and lending markets, demystify the world of private  securities.  This article explores the key differences between debt and equity and is featured in our latest video, Demystifying Private Securities: More >

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Measuring Private Investment Returns

How should you measure investment returns?  This should help you decide.  The pricing of private securities is obscured by several factors: each is unique, analyses available for public securities don’t exist privately, and easy comparisons don’t exist. Let’s make sure that, when we’re talking about a Return on Investment (ROI, return or yield), we’re More >

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Be selective. It’s your money.

A young company approaches you. “Invest in us,” they say, “and your shares will be worth millions.”  What are they offering, and does the structure make the most sense for you and the company? For the past quarter-century, we’ve been approached by companies – some little more than concepts – that showed promise.  Many satisfied More >

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Direct Private Investments: Why Invest in Them?

Investing directly in private companies can give you more control over your investments, help small businesses across the nation, and add balance to your traditional investment-heavy portfolio. And it might also provide tax benefits. Here are two things I hope you take away from this article: Develop a basic understanding for Direct Private Investments More >

Direct Private Investments: Why Invest in Them?2023-04-27T09:19:23-04:00

Thank God I chose the Right One

by Bruce Smith When I first began thinking about investing, it was easy to get excited about start-ups (not that it isn’t any longer, but I’ve had my share of broken bones along the way). The chance to get in on a Google, an Apple or an Amazon stock while in its infancy is More >

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Debt Security Basics

For those of us who remember “Lost in Space” (the 1965 TV series), these words are part of our lexicon.  In the show, a robot would warn a young man living in space of impending danger. Well, some potential investors react the same way when a company pledges its assets as collateral.  If the More >

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Private Equity Term Sheet: Typical Terms and Conditions

You’re considering an equity investment in a private company with exciting prospects…  Great, but do you really know what your “equity” investment in the company will get you?  Investment characteristics of one type of private equity investment can be very, very different from another.  This guide can help you understand better what’s being offered to you. More >

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