Company Analysis

Customers, or a lack thereof

Sure, there may be 7 billion people in the world with close to 14B legs, but how many of those individuals will stop what they’re doing and switch to this company’s brilliant new brand of pants? Customers, or a lack thereof.  It’s why businesses thrive or eventually fold. Every business plan projects ever-increasing sales (often exhibiting More >

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Primary Investment Considerations (or First Principles)

Investment analysis can be highly challenging. Each Issuer of securities (the company seeking your investment) differs in significant ways from others, and it’s easy to miss “the forest” for a few particularly compelling “trees.” Therefore, it is essential that you apply a consistent approach to your analysis that first identifies the fundamental rationale for an More >

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Seven Questions for Evaluating a Private Company

After evaluating thousands of unique private companies and alternative investments over the past 20 years, we have created this list of fundamental investment considerations for our use, and we are happy to make it available to you.     If you want to dive further into the Seven Questions framework, our complimentary white More >

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What is a Balance Sheet?

Accounting 101 – Not your best subject.   But, if you intend to invest in a private company, spend a few minutes on these crib notes. They may save you a bundle down the road.  More >

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Why Do Companies Use Debt Financing?

The following outlines the major reasons why businesses may choose to use debt financing over issuing equity when capital is needed. Businesses and other entities can finance their enterprises by issuing equity or using debt, such as borrowing funds through loans or by issuing notes.  Unlike equity, debt has a specified interest rate and a schedule of dates when interest is to be paid and all the principal fully repaid.    Many fast-growing companies would prefer to use More >

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Private Lending to Operating Companies

You don’t need to be a genius to understand what happens when you lend money to a private company, but there are important things you need to know. Let’s take the mystique out of private loans! More >

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“Due Diligence” and Investments: What Do I Really Need to Know?

It’s hard enough keeping this baby in running condition. But, to get the best performance, you work with your mechanic closely, asking additional questions, avoiding risks where you can.  While you rely on your mechanic, it just makes sense for you to have a deeper understanding… The same should be true of your investments.  Here More >

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Due Diligence for Private Business Investment Opportunities

The following outlines the importance placed upon careful, independent Investor analysis of private market investments. “Due diligence” is a process whereby Investors evaluating a potential investment conduct independent analysis and verification of the information presented to them by the Issuer. Due diligence analysis goes beyond simply reading the Offering documents, such as a Private Placement More >

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