A public capital raising approach that typically falls into one of three categories: 1) Securities issued under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D, in which investment may only be made by third-party verified Accredited Investors, as defined in Rule 501 of SEC Regulation D, and where an unlimited amount of funds can be raised in the offering, 2) Title III via a FINRA-approved “Crowdfunding Portal” to individual Investors whose financial resources are not as great as is required to be an Accredited Investor, but where the offering amount is limited to $1,000,000 or 3) “rewards-based crowdfunding” wherein a Company promises the future delivery of a product or service in exchange for a pre-purchase advance of cash. Can relate either to debt or equity issuance or to a future product delivery to a customer. See “Crowdfunding Overview” for more details.

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