The Direct Private Investments Show

The Direct Private Investments Show is presented by Carofin, a leading provider of private placement investments, to help educate investors about the potential risks and rewards of investing in private placements. The show features expert guests who share their insights and experiences on various aspects of private placement investing.

Through the show, investors can learn about the benefits of diversifying* their portfolios with private placements, how to evaluate potential investments, and the due diligence process involved in making informed investment decisions. 

The goal of The Direct Private Investments Show is to provide investors with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed investment decisions in the private placement market. The show is a valuable resource for those looking to expand their investment portfolio beyond traditional public markets and gain exposure to potentially high-yielding private investment opportunities.

Please explore our collection of video training materials available below:
Why Direct Private Investments?
Why Carofin?
Investments done the right way
What makes a good deal?
Private Placement Risks
Being Diligent in DPI
5 Key Elements of Private Investing
Evaluating Issuers
Evaluating Venture Stage Deals
Securities Explained
Securities Structures
7 Key Questions of DPI
Investor Considerations
Industry Themes
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