Carofin’s Investment Process

The Direct Private Investments Show


00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:00 – 01:51 Types of investors with Carofin
00:01:52 – 02:42 Why Join Carofin
00:03:02 – 06:13 Suitability and Accreditation with Carofin
00:06:14 – 08:44 Diversification, Volatility, and Private Investments
00:08:50 – 10:40 Opening a Carofin account and Investing
00:10:41 – 11:03 Staying updated with Carofin Investments
00:11:05 – 11:38 Distributions and Account History
00:12:45 – 13:32 Post-Investment Engagement and Support
00:13:33 – 12:48 Multiple Investments and Long-Term Investors
00:14:24 – Unique Investment Experience with Carofin


Carofin works hard to make it easy for accredited individuals, family offices and institutional investors to open accounts and invest in direct private investments.  We will show you how easy it is to start, as explained by Julia Gray and Bruce Smith in a recent interview on The Direct Private Investments Show.

Who Can Invest with Carofin? 

Investors in private, unregistered securities must be accredited under SEC Regulation DRule 506© or 506(b), and the process differs for each of those.  For details about each, please see Accredited Investor Verification Guidelines here.

Why Accredited Investors Should Sign Up 

By joining Carofin and speaking with our representative, we can confirm two aspects important to satisfying regulatory requirements and to ensuring that direct private investments are suitable for the investor.  For a detailed description of those, please watch “Accreditation & Suitability” here.  By signing up, investors gain access to all available investment descriptions as well as, importantly, the due diligence files of private offerings.  In this way, they can thoroughly evaluate investment opportunities and make well-informed decisions.

What’s Involved?

Joining Carofin
Interested investors can visit and click on the Log-In / Join button.  Once they’ve provide contact information and scheduled a call with Bruce Smith, Investor Development with Carofin, Bruce and the investor can cover those same topics – Accreditation and Suitability – quickly.  The conversation will range from Carofin’s history and investment approach, to income or net worth levels, risk appetite, investment experience and portfolio diversification considerations.


After approval, Julia Gray, Investor Relations Specialist, handles the account opening documentation process, including customer record forms and new account applications.

Investment Closing Documents

Once an investor has chosen an investment and has provided third-party confirmation of accreditation, Julia will deliver the security’s closing documents for you to execute and return.  Once in hand, Julia will provide funding instructions, and the investor can wire the monies to fund the investment.  To get a sense of the documents involved, please read “Closing Documentation for Private Placement Opportunities” here.

Ongoing Support

Investors receive regular updates on their investments, as well as information about principal and interest payments (if a debt investment), through emails and by accessing Carofin’s portal.  Importantly, the Carofin team stands behind each investor through the life of every investment.


From the moment that an investor decides to open an account and selects an opportunity, the process moves swiftly, primarily depending on the investor’s responsiveness.  When the onboarding documents have been signed and approved, and the funds are available, the investment can be made.


Carofin understands that opening an account can be frustrating, no matter through which financial institution.  We take a personal approach to ensuring direct private investments are appropriate for investors, and then we offer a streamlined route for accredited individuals, family offices, and institutional investors to invest.  By guiding them through every step of the process, Carofin ensures a smooth experience while providing ongoing support and updates to their investments.

Watch the full episode here.  If you’re interested in considering direct private investments, please review our offerings here.





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