We are an investment bank – not a “crowdfunding platform.” We strive to create compelling investment opportunities which perform as projected for Investors, while meeting the financing needs of security Issuers… all in a professional, ethical, fair, innovative, and efficient manner.

The Life of a Carofin Deal

Each of our in-house crafted securities goes through a purpose-built cycle of
analysis, diligence, development, and support.


Apply “First Principles” to Clearly
Understand the Investment Opportunity

  • Does a practical and material business opportunity exist?
  • What are the known challenges in this market?
  • Does the company offer a viable solution to the challenge?
  • Can a security be developed balancing risks and returns for all parties?

Conduct Detailed Due-Diligence

The issuer, its management, and any affiliates all undergo a thorough screening. Our staff associates utilize mature internal processes and reliable external data to complete this effort.


Develop and Deliver the Security

An iterative process where the needs of the issuer and the goals of the investor are balanced. Our goal: quality securities backing worthy companies in viable industries.


Efficiently Market the Offering

Our bankers, associates and affiliates work as a team to offer the right securities to engaged investors. We utilize the latest technologies to discreetly inform investors, present relevant materials, and facilitate the financial transaction.


Provide Post Deal Support

We have a sense of responsibility for, and a long history of supporting our investors and issuers after a deal closes. You can count on Carofin to be there, in all times.

A Variety of Securities

Crafted to Meet Individual Needs

Private Lending

Loans to private companies

Provides investors with fixed maturities and current income

More conservative end of this high-risk spectrum

Venture Capital
& Private Equity

Equity stakes in pre- and current revenue companies

Emerging companies in emerging industries

Higher projected returns with higher risk

Prior Investments

We call them tombstones. Actions speak louder than words.

Utopia Farms

Utopia Farms is a vertically integrated grower, packer and shipper of fresh tomatoes, bell and specialty peppers, and cucumbers with farming operations on 3400 owned or leased acres in southwest Florida.

Senior Secured Promissory Notes
Simplifi Wireless Group

Simplifi Wireless Group is a next generation neutral-host DAS provider with a foundation based on utilizing proprietary industry expertise to deliver wireless solutions that meet the needs of both property owners and wireless carriers.

Debt + Equity
Senior Secured Notes & Preferred Stock
Mosaic Distributors, LLC

Mosaic Distributors, LLC, is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of Chella proprietary cosmetic products which enhance the look of brows and eyes. The Company is headquartered in Camarillo, CA where it manufactures and distributes its proprietary product line: the Chella Brow & Eye Collection.

Consumer Products
Participating Preferred Membership Interests
Granite Strategic Loans

Granite Strategic Loans buys wholesale nation-wide portfolios of U.S. non-performing loans secured by individual properties from large institutions or other wholesale sellers for re-sale generally to local or regional retail investors.

Financial Services
Limited Liability Company Interests
Food Matters Markets

Food Matters Markets was founded in Brevard, NC in 2012 by two senior former Executives of Earth Fare.

Organic Grocery
Preferred Stock
Exclusive Jets

FlyExclusive is a private jet charter operator based in North Carolina that serves business and high-net worth leisure travelers across the U.S. The Company offers on-demand flights that are sold through a number of charter booking agencies that book flights directly with passengers.

Private Jet Charter
Senior Notes with Warrants
DSC Trading

DSC Trading specializes in expendable parts replacement to airlines (both domestic and foreign), FBO and maintenance facilities, engine and APU repair facilities, brokers and repair management companies.

Expendable Aircraft Parts
Senior Secured Promissory Notes
Brasstown Beef

Brasstown Beef is a highly differentiated provider of premium, all natural, hormone and antibiotic-free, “always on grass”, beef.

Beef Cattle
Senior Secured Promissory Notes

SAFE-T-SHADE, LLC is a privately held developer and manufacturer of specialized window treatment cordless lift systems that eliminate the risk of infant strangulation due to traditional exposed, dangling cords.

Consumer Products
Participating Preferred Membership Interests
Trinity Frozen Foods

Trinity Frozen Foods, LLC is an independent marketer and manufacturer of frozen processed sweet potato fries.

Food Production
Participating Preferred Membership Interests
Grad Leaders

GradLeaders is a leader in the higher education student software recruiting market with over 2,200 clients, including Harvard and Stanford Business Schools, Google, JP Morgan, and Johnson & Johnson.

Education Software
Debt + Equity
Senior Notes & Preferred Equity
Catalyst Resources, LLC

Catalyst Resources, LLC was founded in 2011 to mine and sell Blue Gem coal, an ultra-high quality specialty coal. Blue Gem coal extracted from the project is sold to producers of specialty metals used in computers, medical instruments and other devices requiring higher value metals with unique properties required in specialty applications.

Specialty Coal Mining
Senior Secured Notes with Warrants
AgriFact Capital LLC

Agrifact Capital, LLC specializes in receivables factoring in the produce industry. The Company focuses on the perishable agricultural market, which is generally underserved by conventional sources of financing.​

Agricultural Factoring
Senior Secured Promissory Notes
The Resource Group

TRG is a real estate investment firm that focuses on opportunistic acquisitions of mid-size, “off-market” real estate in the southeastern United States.

Real Estate
Redeemable Preferred Membership Interests


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