A Time for “Meaningful Investments”

The COVID years are proving to be a time for reflection – a relatively chaotic period that’s forcing us, both personally and professionally, to reconsider how and why we conduct our lives the way we do.

Your investments are, obviously, an important reflection of your values and priorities.

What Carofin offers, and why we hope you will be attracted to the companies we represent, is captured in our theme:

                                                Meaningful Investments – Vital Capital

Meaningful is what you consider of significance, purpose or value.

With Carofin, you can invest in something that you can relate to.

Maybe that’s a business that is leading efforts to commercially harvest Lionfish, an invasive species now destroying other commercial fisheries throughout the Gulf and the Caribbean.

Or businesses that put food on our tables or keep our commercial aircraft flying…safely.

The point is, smaller companies – ones that you can play a significant part in – have stories to tell which can mean something to you.  And, not for nothing, you should also expect to make healthy investment returns.

If you invest in a mutual fund, you’re trusting someone else to select which companies to support with your funds – the decision is out of your control.

Carofin, on the other hand, offers you Direct Private Investments – debt and equity securities – in companies and owners we are proud of and, we believe, you can be, too.

We offer investors a chance to make “meaningful investments” – ones that you select, ones that appeal to you.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash






In the interest of accessibility, here are some terms that any investor should be familiary with.