The Case of the Slipping Shipping

Does it surprise you how inventive entrepreneurs are when problems arise? Here’s one that struck our fancy.  We call it “The Case of the Slipping Shipping.”

Years ago, a business owner was mystified.  He would load a truck in one location for a customer delivery about 50 miles away.  Each time he did so, what should have taken at most an hour and a half was taking 3 hours.  His customer, needless to say, would call to complain.

So, he started sleuthing. Parked along the route, he waited for his truck to pass.  Pursuing it, he discovered the truck stopped at an establishment “with entertainment.”  This diversion prolonged the trip.

He concocted a simple solution.  By changing the route, he circumvented the troublesome luncheon location.  The result?  Deliveries arrived on time.  The customer was happy.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed.  We salute those who devote their energy and passion, building lasting value for their families and their community.  If you’ve got stories like this to share, please send them to  We love to share them.





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