Announcing Major Enhancements for Carofin Investors! 

Carofin is pleased to announce that you now have a complete view of your Carofin investments. Thanks to significant platform enhancements, you have secure access to comprehensive records across your portfolio of private Carofin investments.

The Investor Dashboard presents your investment history (including cash flows) as well as issuer updates.



You can access the exclusive, password-protected Dashboard to dive deeply into the history of investments with Carofin, as illustrated below.



This provides each investor with:

Private investments are opaque. Carofin now makes it possible to know, any time, where you stand with each of your investments.


All Investment Updates in One Location


The Investment History, an enormous step forward, provides a valuable summary. To truly stay on top of your portfolio, you now may drill down into correspondence from Carofin or the Issuer, rather than combing through emails for news. Collected in one place, you may click on each deal’s tile to show:

  • Periodic email updates,
  • Slide shows,
  • Revised forecasts or actual financials,
  • And more.



Finally, to confirm that you received periodic interest payments (or preferred equity distributions), you can see the transaction history here:

Cash Flow History

Tracking Your Cash Flows


Comparing this information with your bank account should make it easier to track investment activity.

Stay tuned, as we will announce more improvements in the coming months.

Carofin strives continuously to improve our investors’ experience. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for ways to improve our services.





In the interest of accessibility, here are some terms that any investor should be familiary with.