Mosaic Distributors (“Chella”) Interview

Josh Greene, Carofin’s investment banker, interviews Chella’s Founder and CEO, Chris Kolodziejski.

Chella is all about enhancing your brows and eyes with Makeup.  Our primary customers? People who frequent spas and salons.  Here’s Chella’s robust distribution strategy:

  • Online presence through platforms like Amazon, Birchbox, BoxyCharm and Ipsy
  • A global footprint with Amazon in 12 countries
  • Exploring partnerships with international distributors for brick-and-mortar stores

Our products are the result of long-standing relationships with manufacturers in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Korea, China and the U.S.

Chella’s journey has had its challenges but is resilient.  Thanks to Carofin’s support, Chella is back stronger than ever.  Our unique value proposition?  We help spa and salon owners boost their revenue with our complimentary brow fill service.  The power of transformation!

Watch the full interview here, check out Carofin’s investment page for all the details, and reach out with any questions.





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