Carofin Raises $5 Million for Leste 5P Multifamily US Feeder, LP

CFS and Carofin are pleased to announce that they have advised in the placement of $5M for Leste 5P Multifamily US Feeder, LP.

Issuer: A real estate limited partnership formed for the purpose of investing in the acquisition of a portfolio of five multifamily apartment properties in Texas and the Southeast U.S. (Website).

Opportunity: To invest alongside an experienced sponsor in five Class B/B+ multifamily properties in Houston, Dallas, Greenville and Nashville, all tight markets with very visible growth.

Result: $5M invested in limited partnership interests by a U.S.-based family office.

“We are excited to reach US Family Offices and HNI through Carofin and expect new joint investments into other Real Estate asset classes,” said Rodrigo Machado, Managing Director, LESTE US Real Estate.





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