Founded in 1986 and based in San Antonio, Texas, InfoTouch (ITC) develops and supports a proprietary and customizable point of sales software/hardware solution for brick-and-mortar retailers, a highly diversified and underserved customer base across multiple low-volatility industries including alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

“My enthusiasm for the trajectory of this company is at an all-time high, particularly given our month-over-month growth of hardware sales,” said ITC CEO Harry Nass. “Carofin’s financing has provided us with the capital we’ve needed to build on our existing customer base and grow into verticals such as meat processing and hospitality.”

InfoTouch used the proceeds of this financing to develop an additional high-margin revenue stream and to refinance existing indebtedness.

“We’re thrilled to have fully funded this loan for InfoTouch,” said Nirag Shah, Carofin’s VP of Investment Banking.   “The cash-flow loan we structured and placed with our network of investors has served a critical capital need for this growing business and provided thoughtful exposure to a new market segment for our investors. We’re excited to build on this success.”

Carolina Financial Group (CFG), Carofin’s and CFS’s parent company, is a private investment bank that structures investments and raises vital capital for small to medium-sized businesses seeking growth capital in the U.S. Carofin and CFS have raised over $1.25B since 1995 across more than 200 private transactions.