Securities Structures Timestamps: [00:00:32] – The importance of security structures in direct private investments [00:02:30] - Types of equity investments: Preferred Stock [00:04:13 – 05:29] - The role of participating convertible and convertible preferred stock [00:05:29 – 10:55?] – Guiding investors regarding security structures [10:55 – 17:22] – Key elements in debt structures (22:32 – 26:00) -Equity hold periods and exit multiples Introduction Two fruits. Both are round, but each delivers an entirely different taste sensation and benefits to your palate. In a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show, proudly presented to you by Carofin, Matt Brown interviews Bruce Roberts and Garrick Ruiz about the More >

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The Direct Private Investments Show

The Direct Private Investments Show The Direct Private Investments Show is presented by Carofin, a leading provider of private placement investments, to help educate investors about the potential risks and rewards of investing in private placements. The show features expert guests who share their insights and experiences on various aspects of private placement investing. More >

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Why Direct Private Investments?​ 00:00:30 What are Direct Private Investments?  00:01:30 The Size of the Alternative Investment Market  00:02:14 – 4:15 Inefficiency in Private Markets  00:04:15 – 6:27 Meaningful Investment Opportunities  00:06:30 – 7:02 The Challenges of Direct Private Investments  00:07:02 - 09:45 Transparency and Analyzing Private Companies 00:09:57 - 11:15   When and How Much to Consider Investing  00:11:15 – 12:03 Importance of a Support Network  00:12:04 – 12:32 Conflicted nature of investment bankers  00:12:32 – 15:45 Advice for First-time Investors Exploring Private Investing  00:15:46 – 19:53 Benefits of Working with Carofin for Private Investing Welcome to the Direct Private Investments Show, proudly presented by Carofin.  In today’s episode, we are discussing the potential benefits and challenges of direct private investments in the alternative investment space.  Joining us is Bruce Roberts, CEO and founder of Carofin. What are Direct Private Investments? Direct private investments fall under the broader category of alternative investments, which often are presented in the form of funds that invest in More >

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Why Carofin? [00:36] Carofin Investment Bank's origin story  [05:28] The early days of angel investing and venture capital  [11:12] The role of leadership in investment banking   [14:51] The importance of adaptability in the changing finance landscape  [19:22] The key qualities of a successful leader in investment banking Any organization, if it’s destined to last, needs a leader who, as the saying goes, can’t lead from the rear. This article, taken from a wide-ranging conversation between Matt Brown and Bruce Roberts, Carofin’s CEO, from the Direct Private Investments Show, talks about leadership, Carofin’s origins, the More >

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Industry Themes 0:00 - Introduction and guest backgrounds  1:25 – 3:11 Importance of a generalist approach in private investments   3:11 - Examples of industries Carofin has worked with  8:02 - Leveraging industry expertise to make informed decisions  11:58 - The role of private capital in agriculture and coal  13:20 - Benefits of investing in less competitive markets Introduction When I was 19, I returned to what had been my family’s ranch outside Calgary to work for our neighbors, the new owners.  What I remember most, aside from Myra’s home cooking, was the amount of work that went into preparing for the next More >

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What makes a good deal?​   Over the years, Bruce Roberts, CEO of Carofin, has evaluated thousands of investment opportunities.  He is frequently asked why one gets the thumbs up, where most others he passes on. What characteristics does he look for? In a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show, Bruce drew from 28 years of experience, sharing his insights on what makes a “good More >

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Securities Explained Timestamps: 00:01:30 Basics of Securities: Debt vs. Equity 00:02:30 Importance of Accounting Knowledge 00:05:30 Understanding Debt Securities 00:06:30 Understanding Equity Securities 00:07:30 Offering Both Debt and Equity Securities at Carofin 00:09:00 Risks Associated with Debt and Equity Securities 00:09:30 - High-risk securities and debt restructuring 00:10:00 - An example of debt restructuring during COVID-19 00:10:30 - The relative risk in debt and equity securities 00:11:00 - Debt repayment in bankruptcy scenarios 00:12:00 - Target returns for diverse types of investments 00:13:00 - Thresholds for early stage venture and private equity investments 00:14:00 - Equity returns for real estate investments 00:14:30 - Key takeaway for private debt and equity investors 00:15:00 – Age and investment goals considerations 00:16:00 - Closing thoughts and advice for investors In a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show presented by Carofin, Matt Brown and Bruce Roberts, a seasoned investor in both private equity and lending markets, demystify the world of More >

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5 Key Elements of Private Investing Timestamps: [00:01:10 – 01:54]  Element 1: Why is this Capital Being Raised? [00:02:02 – 02:43]  Element 2: Identifying the Issuer [00:02:43 - 3:34] Element 3: Type of Security Being Offered [00:03:34 - 04:57] Element 4: Repayment Plan or Payback Period [00:05:57 - 08:08] Element 5: Understanding the Risk [00:08:08 – 08:51] Recap of the More >

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Understanding Risks in Private Placements

On a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show, we dove into a discussion with industry experts, Bruce Smith and Josh Greene, examining some of the risks associated with private placements.  From  investment-related risks to industry risks, management risks, and offering related risks, we offer valuable insights to help you make informed investment More >

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Private Placement Risks Introduction to Direct Private Investment Risks [00:00:00 - 00:01:00]  Economic Condition Risks [00:01:00 - 00:02:19]  Illiquidity and Decision Risks [00:02:19 - 00:04:21]  Market Timing Risk [00:04:00 - 00:05:37]  Industry Related Risks [00:05:37 - 00:07:28]  Management Risks [00:07:30 - 00:09:24]  Offering Related Risks [00:09:25 - 00:10:30] Handling Unforeseen Risks (12:36 – 15:58) On a recent episode of the Direct Private Investments Show, we dove into a discussion with industry experts, Bruce Smith and Josh Greene, examining some of the risks associated with private placements.  From  investment-related risks to industry risks, management risks, and offering related risks, we offer valuable insights to help you make informed investment decisions.  More >

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Investor Considerations

The Direct Private Investments Show Timestamps: [00:03:00] - Investor suitability and risk tolerance [00:06:00] - Typical investment size in private placements [00:09:30] - Additional considerations for accredited investors [00:10:30] - Age and investment objectives [00:11:00] - Tax status considerations Introduction Carofin, a leading institution in direct private investments, sheds light on personal factors More >

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Evaluating Venture Stage Deals

The Direct Private Investments Show Timestamps: 0:00:26 – 1:47 Defining venture and private equity 00:01:48 – 2:14 The framework for evaluating venture deals: 9 Leaps of Faith 00:02:16 – 4:12 Importance of management, experience, and perseverance 00:04:13 – 4:50 Balancing an Issuer’s past failures and successes 00:04:50 – 7:49 Disruptive versus sustaining technologies 00:07:49 -  Challenges of creating a physical product 00:09:05 – 11:25 Customer motivations: fear or desire 11:25 – 13:59 Customers and business models:  recurring revenues business vs. selling a product 14:00 – 15:37 Distribution Channels and Sales Pipelines 15:38 – 17:16 Challenges of scaling a business 17:16 – 22:32   Competition, Issuer Characteristics Introduction Deciding whether to invest in a new venture is often challenging due to the many unknowns.  In the following article, our CEO, Bruce Roberts, More >

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Evaluating Issuers

The Direct Private Investments Show Timestamps: 0:00 - 01:17: Bruce Roberts and Carofin Introduction 01:19 - 02:24: What are “Issuers” and “Securities?” 02:24 - 04:43 Creating an issuer evaluation process: the customer’s “why 04:43 – 05:56 The Lane: Meeting the Customer’s Need with the Company’s Solution 05:56 -  07:40 Company Challenges: Product and Sales 07:40 –10:10   Example of the Lane Framework: Focusing on the Issuer’s Channel 10:10 – 11:53  First Principles: Problem, Challenges, and Solution 11:53 – 14:02  Company organization: does it align with the Lane -- Operations, Sales and marketing, and Administration 14:03 – 17:02  Using the Lane to compare investments Introduction As an accredited investor, More >

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Direct private investments done the “right” way

The Direct Private Investments Show   Timestamps:  [00:00:23 01:42]  Context for the video [00:01:44 – 4:07]  The right investor -- Suitability and accreditation [00:04:15 – 04:57]  The right amount per transaction: risk tolerance and liquidity [00:04:57 – 05:32 The right amount across the portfolio [00:05:30]  The right amount: Diversification [00:06:56 ] – The right security: return profile and investment analysis [00:08:11 – 09:30 Funds vs. direct private investing [00:09:46 – 10:35] - White paper on private investing   Introduction When More >

Direct private investments done the “right” way2023-06-01T11:17:34-04:00

Carofin’s Investment Process

The Direct Private Investments Show Timestamps: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:00 – 01:51 Types of investors with Carofin 00:01:52 – 02:42 Why Join Carofin 00:03:02 – 06:13 Suitability and Accreditation with Carofin 00:06:14 – 08:44 Diversification, Volatility, and Private Investments 00:08:50 – 10:40 Opening a Carofin account and Investing 00:10:41 – 11:03 Staying updated with Carofin Investments 00:11:05 – 11:38 Distributions and Account History 00:12:45 – 13:32 More >

Carofin’s Investment Process2023-06-01T11:18:30-04:00

Being Diligent in Direct Private Investments Timestamps: [00:02:53 – 4:10] The viability of investment opportunities [00:04:11 – 6:08] Why Carofin typically avoids certain Industries [00:06:28 – 07:54]  The number of opportunities considered and taken to market [00:07:54 – 08:42] Approval by the Investment Banking Committee [00:08:42 - 10:20] The deep due diligence process [00:10:21 – 11:46] Negotiating with founders and addressing critical issues Introduction More >

Being Diligent in Direct Private Investments2023-06-01T11:13:43-04:00

7 Key Questions of DPI Timestamps: 00:00:19 – 01:29 How do you prioritize deals? 00:01:30 – 02:43 Importance of clear communication 00:02:43 – 03:20 - Seven questions framework 00:03:30 -04:29 Question 1: What do you do? 00:04:30 – 05:24 Question 2: Who are you? 00:05:25 – 06:30 Question 3: Where are you? 00:06:31 – 08:13 Question 4: Who is your customer? 00:08:14 – 09:32 Urgency More >

7 Key Questions of DPI2023-06-01T11:19:11-04:00

The U.S. Craft Distilled Spirits Industry — Positive Prospects

The Unites States Craft Distillers market has been growing more rapidly than the equivalents in beer and wine. And the pace is likely to accelerate. This article examines the principal drivers of the market’s growth and its prospects.   DEFINITION According to the Spruce Eats, distilled spirits are alcoholic beverages that have been “distilled from More >

The U.S. Craft Distilled Spirits Industry — Positive Prospects2021-07-19T13:51:27-04:00
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