7 Key Questions of DPI​

The Direct Private Investments Show 7 Key Questions of DPI https://youtu.be/6-6qAdcHeDcTimestamps:00:00:19 – 01:29 How do you prioritize deals?00:01:30 – 02:43 Importance of clear communication00:02:43 – 03:20 - Seven questions framework00:03:30 -04:29 Question 1: What do you do?00:04:30 – 05:24 Question 2: Who are you?00:05:25 – 06:30 Question 3: Where are you?00:06:31 – 08:13 Question 4: Who...

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Being Diligent in DPI

The Direct Private Investments Show Being Diligent in DPI https://youtu.be/QbCFJxayBH4Timestamps:[00:02:53 – 4:10] The viability of investment opportunities [00:04:11 – 6:08] Why Carofin typically avoids certain Industries [00:06:28 – 07:54 The number of opportunities considered and taken to market [00:07:54 – 08:42] Approval by the Investment Banking Committee [00:08:42 - ] The deep due...

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Industry Themes​

The Direct Private Investments Show Industry Themes https://youtu.be/hkqnG5Ylrb4 Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction and guest backgrounds   1:25 – 3:11 Importance of a generalist approach in private investments   ...

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Investor Considerations

The Direct Private Investments Show Investor Considerations https://youtu.be/HZoRxP6LQcI Timestamps:[00:03:00] - Investor suitability and risk tolerance  [00:06:00] - Typical investment size in private placements  [00:09:30] - Additional considerations for accredited investors ...

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Private Placement Risks​

The Direct Private Investments Show Private Placement Risks https://youtu.be/o4c92ZTZgik Timestamps:Introduction to Direct Private Investment Risks [00:00:00 - 00:01:00]   Economic Condition Risks [00:01:00 - 00:02:19]  ...

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Securities Explained

The Direct Private Investments Show Securities Explained https://youtu.be/CVJrif9Z-dM Timestamps:00:01:30 Basics of Securities: Debt vs. Equity  00:02:30 Importance of Accounting Knowledge  00:05:30 Understanding Debt Securities  00:06:30 Understanding Equity Securities ...

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Securities Structures

The Direct Private Investments Show Securities Structures https://youtu.be/VobHZdy07rE Timestamps:[00:00:32] – The importance of security structures in direct private  investments    [00:02:30] - Types of equity investments: Preferred Stock   ...

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Why Carofin?​

The Direct Private Investments Show Why Carofin? https://youtu.be/Jj768-vyglk Timestamps:   [00:36] Carofin Investment Bank's origin story   [05:28] The early days of angel investing and venture capital  ...

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In the interest of accessibility, here are some terms that any investor should be familiary with.