Capital Raised Since 2011


* Includes $4.8mm of Bridge Financing

Carofin provides investors access to an ongoing stream of private investment opportunities across venture capital, private equity and private debt. We encourage you to review our private debt offerings as well as our track record of managing these investments on behalf of our clients.
Total capital raised since 19961
Total capital raised since 20111

Private Debt Offerings Since 2011

$280M+ Financings

Loans – Performance & Stats
Total Offerings:81
Avg. Offering Size:$3,483,212
Avg.Wt. Avg.
Interest Rates:13.5%13.9%
Maturity (Months):2138
No./Amount% of Offerings
Defaults (all types):1518.3%
Current Projected Loss:$2,301,1440.8%
  1. Carofin, LLC has been a member of FINRA since July of 2019, while its parent company, Carolina Financial Securities, LLC, has been a member of FINRA since 1997. This history reflects the combined efforts of Carofin and Carolina Financial Securities.

Risk and Return Across Private Debt

A Word of Caution

Our network of investors has enjoyed a 13.5% interest rate on average across our debt offerings. As is common in this asset class, they have also experienced investments that defaulted, are delayed and in some cases have lost principal.
Carofin structures its securities to mitigate risk, and when an investment becomes challenged, we engage in the effort to recover our clients’ principal. Read below our list of defaults and related recovery efforts.


Completed Offerings

YearIssuanceRecovery (% of Principal)
20123-year, 16% Sr. Secured Note135.7%
201215-month, 15% Unsecured Note Tranche A118.8%
201312-month, 12% Sr. Secured Note121.5%
20143-year, 13.2% Sr. Secured Note3129.2%
20169-month, 12.0% Sr. Secured Note109%

Loss Incurred

YearIssuanceIssuer StatusRecovery
201312-month, 14$ Sr. Secured NoteInactive98.7%
2017Current pay LLC Membership InterestsInactive84.25%

2. All defaults are for non-payments unless otherwise noted
3. Covenant default
4. Fraud and non-payment default

Outstanding Transactions – Recoveries Ongoing

YearIssuanceIssuer StatusRecovery to DateProjected Recovery
201215-month, 15% Unsecured Note Tranche BRecovery Underway36.9%100% + Interest
20133-year, 15% Sr. Secured NoteRestart TBD40.4%100%+
201410-year, 15% Mezzanine NoteImproving Operations~50.0%100% + Interest
201412-month, 13.5% Sr. Secured Note4Recovery Underway64.5%75%
20153-year, 12% Sr. Secured Notes Tranches I & IIImproving Operations0%100% + Interest
20169-month, 12.5%Recovery Underway41.2%60%
201612-month, 15% Sr. Secured NoteRecovery Underway79.2%Approx. 100%

Private Equity and Venture Capital

A Longer Term Hold

Equity stakes in privately held businesses has at times created considerable wealth for informed, patient and sometimes lucky investors.
Equity investments are typically subordinated to debt and thus can carry a higher degree of risk. Private equity investors should expect to hold these investments for 5-10 years, understanding that liquidity events and timeframes are often unpredictable.

Equity – Performance & Stats

Total Offerings39
Number of Issuers36

Important Disclosures

The information contained herein has not been reviewed, verified, or audited by an accountant or other third party, and there are no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or results obtained from any information in this document, so it is not a complete description of any investment or investment performance. The results presented should not and cannot be viewed as an indicator of future performance.

Securities are offered by Carofin, LLC. Carofin and Carolina Financial Securities, LLC are affiliated Broker-Dealers and members of FINRA, with both Broker-Dealers being subsidiaries of Carolina Financial Group, LLC. Securities offered by Carofin have not been endorsed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, or any state securities commission or regulatory authority and are offered solely to Accredited Investors pursuant to an exemption from registration under the Securities Act of 1933 and its relevant rules and regulations. Securities offered pursuant to an exemption from registration are high risk, illiquid investments and may result in the loss of some or all of your investment.

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