Demand Generation (“Demand-Gen”) Marketing describes constantly evolving, multi-channel, highly integrated digital marketing programs to drive awareness of, interest in, and sales for products or services (AKA, the Sales Funnel).

Properly executed, Demand Generation Marketing programs ca achieve a 3x or higher Return on Advertising Spend (or “ROAS”).  While tracking data closely and with immediacy, this use of information technologies allows companies to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in the cultivation of new customers.  Due to the digital marketing tools now available, online ads or channels are continually evaluated for their effectiveness and, as necessary, modified or replaced.  How is this efficiency determined?  Through an attribution model or conversion path, which determines how to assign credit for sales to each touchpoint.

Carofin believes that these programs represent a fundamental advance in marketing program efficacy. Investors are encouraged to consider investments in securities, such as revenue royalty notes, by issuers that use Demand-Gen, to drive more predictable sales growth.